Novo Nordisk and ATLATL announce the winners of their joint EntreStar program

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Novo Nordisk Research Center China (NNRCC) and ATLATL jointly announce the winners of the EntreStar program. Hangzhou DNano MetaBio and Modit Medicine stood out among all the participants and won the awards.

The two winners will be granted priority access to one of ATLATL’s domestic facilities in China, and a prize of RMB CNY 500,000 each to pay for ATLATL’s facilities and services. They are also entitled to mentorship by knowledgeable Novo Nordisk experts. There will be no conditions for the two companies.

Founded in 2022, Hangzhou DNano MetaBio Technology has focused on designing nucleic acid nanocarriers with personalized functions and great potential for clinical translation. The team has a wealth of experience in designing nucleic acid structures, which allows them to fine-tune the organ-targeting ability and on-demand drug delivery performance of nanocarriers.

Dr. Baoquan DING, President and Chief Scientist of DNano expressed his hopes during the award ceremony: “It is our great honor to participate in EntreStar. We look forward to exploring collaborative opportunities with the community. In the meantime, we very much appreciate that we can receive advice and assistance from Novo Nordisk’s experts in relevant fields, so that our business can develop in a healthy way.

Modit Medicine Inc., founded in 2022, is a biotechnology company specializing in RNA editing and therapeutics. The company possesses state-of-the-art and proprietary RNA modification and editing methodologies and is dedicated to developing new platform technologies. Instead of manipulating DNA sequences, Modit Medicine Inc.’s technologies correct genetic errors at the RNA level, providing opportunities for safe, effective, and innovative therapies to treat rare human diseases, cancers, and more. .

Dr. Chengqi YI, Founder of Modit Medicine and Professor Boya of Peking University, commented on his participation: “By participating in the EntreStar program, Modit Medicine Inc. hopes to learn from the global pharmaceutical industry about its ideas on the platform. technology and marketing strategies in the field of genes. therapy, as well as to research and form potential collaborations with Novo Nordisk. We also appreciate ATLATL’s advice and suggestions on helpful tips for start-ups to connect with government and industry.

Dr. Dan HAN, Chairman of NNRCC, shared his remarks: “We see great potential in the new concepts offered by DNano and Modit. By leveraging the knowledge and experiences of our global organization, we hope that Novo Nordisk can help them move their research projects forward more effectively. As a subsidiary of Novo Nordisk in China, we partner with brilliant minds through INNOVO® program to facilitate translational research, with the EntreStar initiative as its latest addition.

Dr. Pengcheng ZHU, Founder of ATLATL Innovation Center, commented on the role played by ATLATL, “It gives me great pleasure to help make EntreStar winners thrive on ATLATL’s platform, access to global resources, such as our partners like Novo Nordisk. The ATLATL Innovation Center is a world-class science hub for life sciences. We are streamlining R&D elements to improve resource utilization and revolutionizing the traditional asset-heavy investment model to an asset-light operating model. I look forward to collaborating with even more leading biopharmaceuticals and bringing success to these talented people.

About Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and based in Denmark. Our goal is to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. We do this by paving the way for scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to our medicines, and working to prevent and ultimately cure disease. Novo Nordisk employs approximately 49,300 people in 80 countries and markets its products in approximately 170 countries. For more information, visit

Novo Nordisk Research Center China (NNRCC), founded in 1997, is proud to be the first research center established by a multinational pharmaceutical company in China. With a focus on therapeutic proteins and peptides, the NNRCC has comprehensive capabilities and rich experience in drug discovery research.

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The ATLATL Innovation Center is a world-class science hub for global life sciences. ATLATL streamlines R&D elements to improve resource utilization and revolutionizes the traditional asset-heavy investment model to an asset-light operating model. This much faster and more economical model was born in Boston and continues to be optimized from 2017 in China. ATLATL not only provides state-of-the-art facilities and professional operational management, but also numerous R&D platforms staffed with scientists and project managers specializing in various fields. By collaborating with leading biopharmaceutical companies, ATLATL integrates global resources to drive innovative developments. ATLATL currently has R&D platforms in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, etc., leveraging the uniqueness of each location to help innovators quickly take the next step.

[On-site R&D Support] ATLATL’s in-house team provides R&D assembly services to local and foreign biotechnology companies, in areas such as gene and cell therapy, drug discovery, single cell research, implementation GMP, animal disease models, as well as preclinical pharmacology and toxicology studies, and more. .

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