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What is the meaning of Gabbie Hanna’s neck tattoo? Influencer announces laser removal and provides mental health update

Gabbie Hanna gave fans a mental health update this Thanksgiving week and announced the laser removal of her tattoos.

She got a tattoo of insects on her neck in June 2022, a decision in which she found great solace despite negative feedback from fans. This week, Gabbie shared her mental health struggles and the things she’s been through in life via a few videos and TikTok live. One of the videos showed her “having all (her) tattoos removed”.

Gabbie Hanna reveals how she thought her tattoos would help her heal from her problems

Many fans were shocked and wondered the reason for the removal of the tattoo, as the internet star had previously been defensive and went to great lengths to explain its meaning. According to her, a neck tattoo says a lot about a person’s personality. Gabbie Hanna told her fans:

“I was doing everything I could to be anyone other than myself because I thought it would help me heal and I ended up hurting myself instead.”

In the same TikTok video, the influencer explained that she associates the tattoos with a bad time in her life and needs them gone. She further added:

“Don’t worry… I’m finally coming to peace after a few very difficult years.”

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His neck tattoos featured a line of insects, beginning with a carpenter bee which represented working in solitude, followed by a beetle which signified the triumph of good over evil and the “infamous metamorphosis into a musician”. .

Both of these tattoos were traced by a black widow spider, an insect she had been fond of since childhood when she played the insect in the “web of charlottes”. It also acted as a reminder for herself to trust her instincts. Finally, it featured a butterfly, a nod to her song and also a reminder of her symbolic transition from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. She added:

“Its transformation, rebirth, change, turns into something beautiful…”

Gabbie Hanna Gets Her New Era Tattoos Removed

The controversial life of Gabbie Hanna and more

Gabbie Hanna’s rise to fame began on the short-lived video-sharing platform Vine, which was later followed by her debut on YouTube. His social media accounts have over 15 million followers.

She is also known for her singing. In 2019, Hanna released her EP (Extended Play) 2 way mirrorfollowed by bad karma in 2020. She also released an album titled queen of trauma in 2022. Additionally, the internet personality has written two books of poetry, both of which were New York Times bestsellers.

In recent years, Gabbie Hanna has caused concern among her fans after a number of feuds, including the Trisha Paytas controversy which involved her E-girl video. In August 2022, Hanna posted over 100 TikTok videos in the space of a few hours, leading concerned fans to call the police to watch her. Many wondered if the influencer had friends or family to help her.

In the video, she was seen dancing and pretending to be a follower of Jesus Christ. She also uttered racist phrases about blacks and Native Americans. She revealed that she has bipolar disorder and the messages, which have been made private, were a result of her manic phase.

You all PREACH mental health and then shame influencers who have an illness. Gabbie Hanna is literally crying live saying she’s trying to get better, she’s sober, struggling to come out of her mania, and embarrassed for herself.

Her recent uploads seemed to hint at the influencer “fighting” over her past decisions and actions. She even broke down in her TikTok life, explaining that her life is an “endless cycle” of remembering to be grateful and happy while forgiving herself for past mistakes.

At one point, Gabbie admitted:

“I would like to have friends.”

Although she is not close to her family, the fact that she is alone and lives alone in Los Angeles has many fans wondering if she is depressed. She even posted a video saying she’s ready to “get out of LA”

In one of her updates, Gabbie Hanna revealed that he started smoking m*rijuana as a coping mechanism, but has now “thrown it up”.

She posted another final update on her TikTok Story, where she said she was feeling better and trying to be grateful for the things in her life. The internet star also added that she was overwhelmed but grateful for the opportunity to ‘clean up’ her mess so she could finally ‘heal’.

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