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I Did 20 Pike Pushups Every Day For A Week – Here’s What Happened

There are no two ways to do it: The pike push-up is a weird exercise (you literally do a push-up from a pike position – downward facing dog or inverted V). If you were in a judgmental mood, you might slyly say that this looks like one of those moves performed by people in the gym who know they’re in good shape and want everyone to know it. too. But we are not judging here. While researching this article, I learned that the pike push-up is often recommended for those who want to prepare to do a handstand, or a handstand push-up, which was telling. If your goal is to be able to balance yourself upside down, for whatever reason, this might be the one for you.

The pike push-up is great for strengthening your shoulders (especially your anterior deltoids, in the front of your shoulder), your triceps, your pectoralis major (your pecs), and your core (which trains more than you can). would). think).

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