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Published: How to Fix Health Care in Canada

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Welcome to your Saturday Posted. This may be the first time we have nudity in Posted. We swear it’s for a good cause: the fine arts. This is one of the most original stories you will ever read. Fair warning, however, for the prudes among us.

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Male students drawing a nude man in 1896
Photo by Museum of the City of New York/Byron Collection/Getty Images Photo by Museum of the City of New York/Byron Collection/Getty Images

I bet you never thought you would read a story about penis painting. It’s actually super interesting, we swear. And it’s also hilarious that someone decided to investigate the matter: What happens to penis size in the context of fine art? It turns out that the “ideal” penis size, at least according to the people who paint them, has increased over the years. The National Post’s Joseph Brean takes an in-depth look at how the researchers came to this decision – and how it relates to the golden ratio. “Pointing fingers at penises in classic fine art is as sacred a childhood tradition as underlining swear words in the dictionary,” Brean reports.


By now, it is well known that Canada is limping towards a health care crisis. If we’re not there already. In a five-part series, a partnership between the National Post and The Hub, we look at some of the issues facing the medical system and what can be done to address them. If you missed the inaugural piece, written by Mark Hill, you should check it out. “Talk to the premiers and they’ll probably tell you it’s easy to fix Canada’s health care system: it just takes money, about $28 billion, more or less,” Hill reports. The second piece addresses a question that preoccupies so many Canadian minds: Before, we had an excellent doctor-patient ratio. What happened? “Whether the new solution is to refund medical and nursing schools, to nationalize the South African solution or to expand access to private alternatives, to strengthen provincial autonomy in health care policy, or All of these elements combined, headlines across the country show that Canadians need quick fixes,” said Geoff Russ.

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Ready to test your courage in the face of the week’s news? We bring you another edition of the National Post news quiz. The questions include a quip about Boba Fett socks, a reference to Nietzsche and (of course) Donald Trump’s return to politics. (Did he ever really leave?)


Postmedia Illustration
Postmedia Illustration

It’s football time. And Postmedia is on the ground in Qatar for all the action. You should sign up for the Corner Kicks newsletter, written by Derek Van Diest, which reports on football’s biggest event of the year. Meanwhile, Postmedia newspapers will have continuous coverage of the football frenzy in Canada.


  • Twitter, led by Elon Musk, reinstated several previously suspended accounts. Among them, the Canadian commentator Jordan Peterson. However, no decision has yet been made regarding donald trump.
  • For racing fans, Formula 1 is launching a new racing series that will feature drivers. It will be known as F1 Academy.
  • Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, claimed Cherokee heritage. A press inquiry reveals that there is no evidence of such ancestry. Smith’s office says she hasn’t taken a “deep dive” into her family history, but remains proud of her roots.
  • In a perfect amalgamation of the aforementioned stories, Danielle Smith joined Jordan Peterson on his podcast to discuss politics, conservatism and the situation in Alberta. We’ve extracted the best bits for you.
  • Canada’s top civil servant testified that she told her deputies to “neglect nothingto find ways to end the Freedom Convoy protests. Be sure to check out our latest investigation coverage into the use of the Emergencies Act.


In the weekly satirical report Dear Diary, the National Post imagines a journalist’s thoughts. This week, Joseph Brean takes an imaginary journey into the thoughts of Bruce Springsteen: I sang “The screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways,” but the original album liner notes, which I wrote, like everything else, say the dress “ripples.” It’s a tragedy. It’s wrong. I made a terrible mistake.


Just a little baton ride...with guns, courtesy of some Indian Air Force cadets at Tambaram Air Force Station in Chennai, a city on the Bay of Bengal.  Hope they have security!  Arun Sankar/AFP
Just a little baton ride…with guns, courtesy of some Indian Air Force cadets at Tambaram Air Force Station in Chennai, a city on the Bay of Bengal. Hope they have security! Arun Sankar/AFP

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