WRNMMC Healthcare Team Recognizes International Suicide Survivors Day and Provides Resources

This year, International Suicide Survivors Day is Saturday, November 19. The annual event is a day of healing, encouraging those bereaved by suicide to connect with others, share their stories and ask for support.

International Suicide Survivors Day, sometimes referred to as Survivors Day, always falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (USA), and while no event is scheduled at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), Dr Erica Jarrett , department head of health psychology services at WRNMMC, says the resources of the medical facility are plentiful.

“Health psychology services, in one form or another, provide services and resources to someone in need,” Jarrett said. “In addition, active duty service members can be seen and receive support at the Adult Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic.”

Veterans and other recipients who are not active duty members may be seen by behavioral health care providers who are integrated into the primary care setting. With TRICARE, they can also use TRICARE mental health resources in the community. Other resources available to active duty and other recipients include Military One Source and individual or group counseling with chaplains.

Jarrett says that in addition to the resources mentioned, the Maryland Department of Health has information under “Healing After Suicide Loss,” for survivors of suicide loss, which can be found at health. maryland.gov.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is another Jarrett recommendation, saying it offers several ways for suicide survivors to connect with others and find support while grieving. These include one-on-one support through healing conversations, connecting to local support groups, self-care information, and ways to honor loved ones.

“The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention also shares information about events and how to get involved locally or around the world,” Jarrett said. “Information about local chapters can also be found on the website.”

Resources are plentiful for suicide survivors, but what about those who want to communicate but fear saying the wrong thing?

“Communication with survivors is another important component when it comes to supporting suicide survivors,” Jarrett explained. “Like grief, communicating the right words feels different for everyone.”

Jarrett then referenced AFSP’s “How to Talk to a Suicide Survivor,” linked on his website, where he shares helpful tips on how to navigate conversations with suicide survivors in a kind, thoughtful way. and responsible.

Suicide prevention is an important part of International Survivors of Suicide Day. This is an opportunity to share information about suicide prevention. Suicide prevention education and awareness involves recognizing the signs in loved ones and getting them to help and resources before it’s too late.

WRNMMC’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare to the nation’s fighting forces, retirees and their families means recognizing and continuously providing the different types of support that suicide survivors need, whether internal or external, not just for a day, but all year round. .

Suicide prevention resources (not all-inclusive):
Military Crisis Hotline: 800-273-8255 and press 1
Confidential chat on the military crisis: SMS to 838255 (confidential within the limits of the law)
National Employee Assistance Program Service Center (for civilians only): 1-800-222-0364 to speak with an EAP counselor 24/7.
Navy Personnel Command 21st Century Sailor Suicide Prevention Program: www.suicide.navy.mil
Defense Suicide Prevention Office: www.dspo.mil
Military OneSource: www.militaryonesource.mil
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org
Suicide Prevention Resource Center: www.sprc.org

About International Suicide Victims Day
In 1999, Senator Harry Reid, who lost his father to suicide, introduced a resolution in the United States Senate, leading to the establishment of International Suicide Survivors Day, designated by the United States Congress as a a day when those affected by suicide can come together for healing and support. It was determined that Survivor’s Day would always fall on the Saturday before American Thanksgiving, as the holidays are often a difficult time for suicide survivors.

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