JSU and UMMC Partnership Aims to Address Lack of Diverse Physicians in the Medical Field with Pre-Medicine Day

JSU and UMMC Partnership Aims to Address Lack of Diverse Physicians in the Medical Field with Pre-Medicine Day

JACKSON, miss., November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jackson State University (JSU) College of Science, Engineering, and Technology hosted the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) for the first pre-med day on Wednesday, November 16.

The event offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to explore the variety of programs and programs of study at UMMC

Wilbur Walters, Jr.doctorate, dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, greeted the crowded auditorium filled with more than 200 students and urged them to seize the unique opportunity to explore and network with people who once undertook the same journey as them.

“I believe events like today mean the beginning of a new relationship between JSU and UMMC, so I invite you to take a deep breath and learn as much as you can today,” Walters said.

Much of this JSU/UMMC partnership centers around the importance of active physician retention within the state as well as diversifying the physicians available to underserved communities.

Senior Major in Pre-Medicine Jasmine Martin highlighted the importance of representation within the healthcare industry and how facilitating events like this creates possibilities and opportunities for students to imagine themselves capable of a career in medicine.

“Our students deserve to see people like them in medicine working in the positions that will one day be available to them. This is the purpose of this event. Giving students everything they need to one day thrive in these positions. said Martin.

dr. Loretta JacksonFACEP PhDassociate dean of medical education at UMMC, opened her remarks with optimism for the future of Mississippi’s healthcare industry, acknowledging that the history of systematic and social change in medicine has always placed students brilliant and passionate at the forefront of the movement.

“For the future of medicine to be different, we have to be part of it. If we don’t tell people about the wonderful time we are having in our careers, how are we going to convince others to join us?” she asked.

Jackson emphasized the need for the next generation of aspiring doctors to consider actively practicing medicine in the state of Mississippi with the aim of improving and retaining the health workforce.

According to a 2022 report from the American Medical Association Physician Masterfile, Mississippi was positioned as the second lowest number of active physicians in the state per 100,000 population. For context, “practicing physicians” are defined as those who are licensed by a state and work at least 20 hours per week.

“The number of doctors per capita based on population in the state is still one of the lowest, and that’s part of our problem,” Jackson said. “One of the things we [UMMC] What I like to say is that we create an environment that makes students excited about practicing in the state as doctors and encourages them to consider doing their residency in the state. »

Additionally, Jackson shared that current UMMC students, some of whom previously attended JSU, have returned home feeling compelled to fill the gaps in mentorship to overcome knowledge barriers they have encountered and inform others on how to prepare effectively for the transition from undergraduate studies to health studies.

Former JSU Jacori Danielsa second-year UMMC medical student, returned to his alma mater feeling the need to impart timely wisdom to students who hold the same aspiration to serve their greater community.

“Now that I’m out of school, I can give back, and it doesn’t have to be money, it has to be knowledge,” Daniels said. “Knowledge is everything, and if we can leave you something, then that’s enough to get you started on the journey.”

The schedule of events included four breakout sessions that aimed to engage students in a range of topics to expose and prepare their minds for the level of work ethic, soft skills, and critical thinking tactics needed to effectively perform the Health care. The breakout session covered tips for preparing for the MCAT, research methods, understanding a patient’s medical history, and how to properly draw blood.

Dr Demodes Haynespulmonary and critical care physician and UMMC Associate Dean of Admissions, highlighted the JSU/UMMC partnership as a collaborative effort to not only address the lack of diversity within the healthcare industry, but also to shape the new generation of medical students to reinvest in Mississippi and strengthen the black health workforce in the state.

“We know the best way to diversify the healthcare workforce is to go to our HBCUs. We know we get a lot of students from majority schools, and we’re happy about that,” Haynes said, “But we still have so much needs to be done to diversify the healthcare workforce, and this is one of our beginnings to create this partnership.”

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