Wright Medicine: Giving Thanks for Public Health

Wright Medicine: Giving Thanks for Public Health

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and just like you, I’m heading into the holiday season, grateful for so much in my personal and professional life.

There’s my wonderful family, of course, but I’m also truly grateful to my amazing colleagues here at the Wright Center, who go above and beyond every day to meet the health care needs of residents of northeastern Pennsylvania. .

As you know, the past three years have been challenging for the medical community as it has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic in its various manifestations. But we persevered and continue to provide our patients with high quality, affordable and non-discriminatory primary care services.

With that in mind, it is only fitting that I use this space to draw attention to Public Health Appreciation Day, which this year takes place on November 21.

Celebrated each year on the Monday before Thanksgiving, Public Health Appreciation Day celebrates the many contributions of public health workers. Organizations, including the American Public Health Association, will take the time on this day to recognize professionals who are dedicated to protecting the well-being of all people and communities.

“Our public health system is the cornerstone of our nation. Public health actors deploy their expertise and commitment every day to ensure safer, healthier and stronger communities,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director of APHA. “I encourage Americans to take the time to thank public health personnel for their tireless and essential service in every state, county, city, town and tribal community across the country.”

Over the years, public health workers have responded to countless crises, from the HIV/AIDS virus to the opioid epidemic to, most recently, COVID-19. They encourage healthy behaviors, prevent injury and illness, and ensure the safe delivery of quality health care for all. They provide lifesaving vaccines to children and adults, educate about the risks of alcohol and tobacco use, set safety standards to protect workers, develop school nutrition programs and advocate for laws that protect the public against environmental damage.

The Wright Center is certainly doing its part to improve the health and well-being of our communities through inclusive and responsive health services and the sustainable renewal of an inspired and skilled workforce who are privileged to serve you. . Through our services in primary and preventive care, behavioral health, dental care, lifestyle medicine, obesity medicine, and addiction treatment and recovery, we not only treat our patients, but we empower them to take control of their own health.

Our mission also focuses on breaking down barriers to health equity in hopes of eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes and going into the community to sponsor health promotion events. and awareness. And we’re not only training the next generation of primary and specialty care physicians through the Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, but we’re also focused on promoting diversity within our workforce and providing a supportive environment. stimulating, flexible work environment that encourages personal relationships and professional development.

We are very proud of our employees and cannot thank them enough for the excellent work they do throughout the year. I wish them and all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Jignesh Y. Sheth, MD, MPH, is a primary care physician dual board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine. He leads the Wright Center for Community Health as chief medical officer and serves as senior vice president of enterprise IT, clinical operations and education integration for the Wright Center for Graduate Medical. Education. He sees patients at Mid Valley Practice in Jermyn and lives with his family in Clarks Summit. Send your medical questions to news@thewrightcenter.org.

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