American College of Lifestyle Medicine adds digital nutrition solutions innovator Metabite to its corporate roundtable

American College of Lifestyle Medicine adds digital nutrition solutions innovator Metabite to its corporate roundtable

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While there are thousands of nutrition and diet apps out there, there are far fewer nutrition coaching solutions aimed at helping nutrition professionals expand their reach.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) has announced the addition of digital nutrition solutions innovator Metabite to its Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable, a group of thought leaders and industry professionals who explore effective clinical innovations, activate marketing strategies, accelerate reimbursement and policy adoption, and pursue research and demonstrations of lifestyle medicine in practice. The ACLM launched its Corporate Roundtable in 2016 and now has nearly 50 member organizations active in the lifestyle medicine ecosystem.

Lifestyle medicine is a medical specialty that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat chronic diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and diabetes. ‘obesity. Clinicians board certified in lifestyle medicine are trained to apply prescriptive, evidence-based lifestyle changes to the whole person to treat and, when used intensively, often reverse these conditions . Applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine – a plant-based diet, physical activity, restful sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social relationships – also provides effective prevention of these conditions.

While there are thousands of nutrition and diet apps out there, there are far fewer nutrition coaching solutions aimed at helping nutrition professionals expand their reach. There are even fewer solutions that have the necessary application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable integration with healthcare systems, allowing them to serve at-risk populations while efficiently managing their workflows. Metabite excels in providing scalable and personalized digital nutrition solutions that can be integrated into hospital infrastructure and can be used to serve at-risk populations that are often overlooked. Additionally, the Metabite solution is modular, allowing partners to select and use specific features that meet their specific needs.

Metabite interventions are cost-effective and scalable, producing substantial returns on investment in private practices and large health systems. Metabite’s versatility also supports observational and interventional research and has even been shown to improve physical performance in individual athletes and entire sports teams. Its effectiveness in teaching ‘food as medicine’ has gained international acclaim, with researchers and clinicians at the University of Cambridge touting Metabite as one of the three most widely used platforms in its class. Key features include an image-based food diary, timed program rollouts, individual and group coaching, competitions and gamification, as well as personalized quizzes and key data collection. These elements work together to promote engagement and establish helpful feedback loops that perpetually improve results.

“We developed Metabite to amplify the efforts of forward-thinking organizations and healthcare professionals like those who clearly gravitate towards ACLM,” said Michael Quarshie, co-founder and CEO of Metabite. “Time, energy, and budget constraints can cripple well-meaning businesses and individuals who truly want to help others eat better and make lasting lifestyle changes. We’ve built our platform to break down barriers and help these champions serve their members and patients far more effectively than would otherwise be possible.

“Metabite’s modular approach gives healthcare providers the flexibility to tailor solutions tailored to their unique needs,” said ACLM President Cate Collings, MD, FACC, DipABLM. “Their interest in serving at-risk populations is particularly important as we look to scale lifestyle medicine solutions at large. We welcome Metabite to our corporate roundtable.

ABOUT METABITE — Metabite (formerly Wellness Foundry) has created one of the world’s first food photo journaling tools, enabling unprecedented, frictionless communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. The digital platform has since expanded its capabilities and is now more versatile than ever. Built on the foundation of the original image-based food diary, Metabite now offers evidence-based diet and lifestyle change programs, individual and group coaching, unparalleled peer support, and customizable integrations for health institutions. Metabite’s scalable solutions are currently being used to support healthy habits at several Fortune 500 companies, to improve the diets of thousands of students at more than 30 Finnish universities, and to glean groundbreaking insights into the relationship between diet and the circadian rhythm at Harvard and Brigham and Women’s. Hospital. In addition to serving a range of renowned organizations around the world, Metabite prioritizes supporting healthcare systems and providers to meet the needs of at-risk and underserved populations. Learn more at

ABOUT ACLM — The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is the nation’s professional medical society advancing lifestyle medicine as the foundation of a redesigned, evidence-based health care delivery system. values ​​and equity, leading to the health of the whole person. The ACLM educates, equips, empowers and supports its members through quality evidence-based education, certification and research to identify and eradicate the root cause of chronic disease, with a clinical outcome goal of restoring health versus disease management. Learn more at

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