Tri-City Herald letter writers back candidates Rodriguez, Eisinger and White

LGBQT Debate in Tri-Cities Schools Harms Children, Tri-City Herald Letter Writer Says


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LGBTQ ‘debate’ hurts, doesn’t help

Those school boards ‘debating’ banning pride flags are just awful. Literally talk to a current or former LGBTQ youth, or spend five minutes researching information about the mental health of LGBTQ youth, and you’ll understand the deep, deep prejudice of these fanatics (yes, that makes them fanatics, whether it’s stereotypical vitriol or not) school board members try to engage.

If they get what they want and keep the closet door closed and the self-hate machine running for gay kids one more time, they will have blood on their hands. Gabe Galbraith, Micah Valentine, Audrey Byrd, Semi Bird and Kari Williams will help sustain a system that literally forces kids like me to hate themselves for being different, and even hurt themselves because of it. They will never realize it, but they will one day have to answer to the innocent youth that they have caused great suffering.

Pride and its positive or negative impact have far more impact than most right wingers seem to realize. Do the right thing, and don’t be part of a system that destroys LGBTQ youth like these unempathetic board members.

Ray Gilmore, Richland

Take care of yourself while on vacation

The holidays are fast approaching, the bustle brings excitement and joy to many; however, for many it can lead to many complicated and upsetting emotions. The holiday blues are a common experience that can cause feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and stress. It can come from losses, separations, and big life changes. Some ways to deal with these feelings are to maintain a normal routine, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, avoid using alcohol or other substances, watch to regularly take care of yourself by doing activities you enjoy and being around people who nurture and rejuvenate you, and remember previous coping skills that have worked for you in the past and draw on your own strengths .

Watch for the people around you who might be experiencing the holiday blues and help support them through this holiday season. Remember to take one day at a time, one hour at a time, and tap into those supports and strengths around you and within you and celebrate in your own way what works best for you. Happy Holidays from the Center for Support, Advocacy and Resources!

Rowan Schmieman, MSW, LICSWA Advisor, Richland

Embrace Alaska Fishing Closures

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed the harvest of snow crab and king crab in the Bering Sea due to depletion of crab levels available for harvest. Crab companies are in turmoil, but they’ve been told summer crab populations are so low it’s the only decision that could be made.

Congratulations folks at Alaska Fish & Game.

Now, if only the Washington departments had enough strength to do the same with salmon fishing in the seas along the Washington coast. Crab companies reap millions of pounds of King, Chinook and other species of salmon while our game departments grieve over depleted salmon runs.

While they’re there, why not shut down the recreational salmon fishery at the same time?

If we really want to see salmon returns increase, let’s be proactive and do something about the problem instead of just studying it and complaining.

Mike Lauman, Pasco

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