SNU Bundang Hospital and Cipherome, Inc. Enter into Memorandum of Understanding for Personalized Medicine Cooperation

SNU Bundang Hospital and Cipherome, Inc. Enter into Memorandum of Understanding for Personalized Medicine Cooperation

Cooperation for the establishment of the precision medicine research platform at the SNUBH Biomedical Research Institute

SAN JOSE, CA, November 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seoul National University (SNU) Bundang Hospital Biomedical Research Institute announced that it entered into the Memorandum of Understanding on November 15, 2022 to standardize clinical-genomic research at using Cipherome, Inc.’s precision medicine research platform at Precision Medicine Center.

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Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Biomedical Research Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cipherome, Inc., a precision medicine bio-enterprise company based in Silicon Valley, USA. United, to build a precision medicine research platform. (Photo: BusinessWire)

The Precision Medicine Center, which is an integral part of the Future Innovation Research Department of Bundang Hospital, Seoul National University to support medical staff with genomics education programs and support programs in research, is currently establishing large-scale cohorts based on the hospital’s human biobank.

At the signing ceremony on November 15eJi-Soo Kim (President and Research Director of Biomedical Research Institute of Bundang Hospital, Seoul National University), Jee Hyun Kim (Head of Future Innovation Research Department), Jung Hun Ohn (Director of Precision Medicine Center), Jinho Kim and Sejoon Lee (Professors at Precision Medicine Center), Ilsong Lee (CEO of Cipherome), Min Kim (CTO of Cipherome) and others commented on the future direction of personalized medicine using clinical genomic factors.

Due to the high need for tools to organize, control and perform research on genomic and clinical data and the lack of tools accessible to clinical researchers, Cipherome commercialized its data analysis development system, the Compass platform, to enable clinical researchers to perform complex research. data science tasks – from statistical analysis to machine learning training – on genomic and clinical data efficiently and quickly. One of the main aims is to shorten the time to get results from population-scale extrapolations using UK BioBank data.

Ji-Soo Kim, President of the Biomedical Research Institute at Bundang Hospital, Seoul National University, said, “Through this MoU with Cipherome, we will actively support precision medicine R&D based on on clinical and genomic big data. We will continue to build our research capacity. take the lead in precision medicine in the global market.”

Ilsong Lee, CEO of Cipherome, also said, “Our cooperation with the Biomedical Research Institute of Bundang Hospital, Seoul National University is critical to the impact and adoption of clinical genomics as the The Institute plays a key role in advancing the medical industry through its highly advanced and innovative medical technology R&D. We hope that this MoU will help improve the competitiveness and precision medicine research capacity of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. »

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About Cipherome

Cipherome is an AI and bioinformatics company focused on customizing medications to limit adverse effects using patented technology. Our team brings a wealth of experience in medicine, drug development, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and award-winning product development to solve a $100 billion+ problem in healthcare: response variability to medications.

The Xentinel®Compass platform can analyze large-scale genomic and clinical data quickly and easily. With its unique modular architecture, the platform is highly configurable and extensible to extract and convert data from various clinical genomics big data sources, including UK BioBank. As an end-to-end analytics platform that provides comprehensive functionality in cohort selection, feature engineering, exploratory data analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning, and visualization, this platform improves researchers’ accessibility to biobank data and provides the most efficient path to data. Overview. Although the platform has many applications, its current primary goal is to maximize the efficiency of clinical genomic data analysis and to accelerate new drug development and treatment research. Currently, its applications are promoted through cooperation with university hospitals and research organizations as well as global pharmaceutical companies. Cipherome’s platform is used at the point of care to personalize treatment for patients post-heart attack and diabetes-induced peripheral arterial disease in So. Texas, Illinois and New Jersey.

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