Watch out for exercise: Protein powders, steroids and hypergym come into conversation after TV actor dies

Watch out for exercise: Protein powders, steroids and hypergym come into conversation after TV actor dies

Stay away from protein powders, steroids and hypergym if you call yourself a fitness freak. In fact, doctors advise never to train “too much too fast”.

Last week, a television actor – Siddhaanth Surryavanshi – died during a routine workout.

While Surryavanshi’s cause of death was a heart attack after a gym session, the deaths of several actors, including comedian Raju Srivastav and TV star Sidharth Shukla, again spurred conversations around the sessions. gym training and heart attacks.

According to health experts, excess of everything is bad, be it workouts.

“What one wants to know is why a sudden surge of such cases and the answer is simple – more and more people have started using gyms,” said Dr Vaibhav Mishra, Director of Surgery Cardiac, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj.

Doctors believe there is more awareness of the health and benefits of exercise, but people don’t realize that over-exercising can have a negative impact.

“The sudden disappearance of many popular celebrities while working out in the gym has sent shockwaves through our community and medical professionals in particular, causing them to reevaluate the possible causes of cardiac arrest in young people. “said Dr. Sanjeev Gera, Director and Head of Cardiology, Fortis Noida. “Cardiac arrest is usually due to a massive heart attack due to underlying severe silent blockages in the heart arteries or can also be due to a fast or very slow heart rate. This trend has recently emerged after a lifestyle stagnant post-Covid.”

Moreover, prescription steroids for getting a toned body comes with a list of side effects that are often overlooked.

“Anabolic steroids are performance-enhancing drugs that increase muscle mass and decrease fat while having a variety of negative side effects,” said Dr. Amit Khandelwal, Director and Head of Cardiology Department at Paras Hospital. from Udaipur.

Khandelwal explained that these steroids are prescription-only drugs that are sometimes used without a doctor’s supervision to increase muscle mass and athletic performance. Steroids are often referred to as “performance and image enhancing substances”.

Additionally, Max’s Dr. Mishra explained that excessive use of “pre-workout protein powder” that contains caffeine is harmful to your health.

“While it delays fatigue and lets you exercise more, it increases heart rate and can cause irregular heartbeat and fatal heart rhythm irregularities,” he said.

How Using Steroids In Gyms Can Harm The Body

Steroid use could have long-term consequences, experts suggest.

Apart from cardiovascular problems, these steroids are capable of causing liver disease, damage to reproductive organs, severe mood swings, and physical and psychological changes in both men and women.

“Aggressive training in the form of strength training and supplementation in the form of steroids are extremely harmful,” said Dr Mahim Saran, senior consultant in interventional cardiology at Medanta Hospital in Lucknow.

The effect of anabolic steroids – which are used to build muscle, improve strength and endurance performance, and burn fat – can vary from person to person.

“Some people may experience water retention or sleep problems, nerve damage, irritability, mood swings, violence or despair, increased libido and skin changes,” a said Khandelwal. “They also increase bone growth. Therefore, if used by adolescents who have not yet experienced the pubertal growth spurt, the drugs may induce early bone aging and restricted growth.

In fact, these steroids are extremely addictive.

A person who is addicted to anabolic steroids will continue to use them despite unpleasant physical side effects. Endogenous steroids are a necessary component of our immune and hormonal systems.

“It’s not that they’re always bad, but exogenously, whatever is recommended or consumed should be based on the needs of the individual. Nothing should be taken or done unsupervised, be it a gym program, exercise or medication. Young people should avoid addictive substances,” warned Dr Khandelwal of Paras Hospital.

Dr. Mishra de Max cited a study done by the American Heart Association that was published in a reputable medical journal. “The study found that people taking anabolic steroids had increased plaque formation in the coronary arteries. The longer the duration of taking steroids, the more plaques there would be, so the greater the threat of having an attack. cardiac.

Hypergym is also bad

Doctors suspect that if it’s not steroids, hypergym may also be one of the reasons for the rise in heart attacks.

Several doctors have told that even moderately strenuous exercise can put a person at risk of cardiac arrest if there is a blockage in the arteries and it goes undetected.

Scientifically, during exercise, the increasing demand for blood and oxygen forces the heart to pump harder and more frequently.

Although a healthy heart can perform this function effectively, if there is a blockage in the arteries or some other structural abnormality, it can lead to adverse cardiac events.

According to Dr. Sandeep Singh, Director of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery (CTVS), Dharamshila Narayana Superspecialty Hospital, Delhi, “Sudden cardiac death occurs more frequently after vigorous physical activity when blockages remain undetected, and sometimes in background of a recognized diagnosis”.

Vigorous activity can potentially cause plaque rupture or electrical abnormalities in the heart, which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Singh said that when training, the essential notion to remember is to avoid “too much, too fast”.

“Too many reps, too much weight or too much running, lifting it too fast, isn’t helpful, especially as you get older,” he said. “That’s not to say exercise isn’t a healthy practice. People who lead a healthy lifestyle and watch their diet can stick to their regular routine and hit the gym.

What to do

Heart attack, in recent years, is also increasingly noticed in young people, under the age of 40.

While some studies allude to the Covid-19 epidemic and its long-term side effects on the human body, it is already proven by several researchers that Indian bodies are more prone to heart disease due to our genetic makeup. , our metabolism and our lifestyles. .

“A healthy lifestyle and stress management, along with blood pressure and blood sugar control are key to prevention,” said Dr. Saran of Medanta.

Doctors recommend that even younger patients who frequent gyms should undergo full body examinations, including lipid profile tests.

“It’s fine if young men or women want to join the gym, but as we’ve seen early onset of coronary heart disease in younger patients, it would be wise to get a checkup,” Dr Saran said. . “This check should be mandatory for you if you are over 35 before engaging in aggressive sporting activities.”

Exercise in extreme weather conditions, whether too hot or too cold, should also be avoided, as this can place an increased load on the heart, experts said.

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