Here's the workout move you should be doing every day

Here’s the workout move you should be doing every day

Gunnar Peterson Trained the Kardashians and Tom Brady: Here’s His Advice

Gunnar Peterson is no stranger to helping people get in top shape. The trainer’s client list ranges from the Kardashians and Sofia Vergara to Tom Brady and Mike Tyson, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about fitness.

Peterson is also one of the top trainers at F45, a functional training facility located around the world. “F45 is a complete and functional exercise program,” says Peterson Parade. “Don’t think of it as a workout, think of it as a program.”

As Peterson explains, F45 is more than a cycling or running course. “We program strength, cardio, hybrid; we program in phases throughout the year, so there are ways to regress everything and progress everything as we go. It’s not a classes where you hang out and then do a big sprint at the end… there’s nothing wrong with those types of classes – we’re just getting more into the shades of gray.”

Perhaps most important of all, Peterson points out that F45 is all about making it easier to move around in your daily life. “With F45, you’re more prepared for whatever life throws at you, whether it’s reaching for your seat belt, putting your bag in the luggage compartment, picking up your child and put in its crib, or catch a child sprinting down the street.F45 prepares you for more success in the real world.

Read on for more fitness tips from Peterson.

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If you’re only going to do one workout move, do this one.

While Peterson says he would generally never prescribe just a training move (he’s a trainer, after all), if he were to do it, it would be a squat with a twist press, which is supposed to be done with dumbbells. “You’ll get upper body, you’ll get lower body, and if you do enough reps, you’re going to feel a cardiovascular demand.”

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As for how many reps you should do, he says it varies from person to person. “If I talk to my father who is 85 years old, I would say: ‘Do [half a set], Father.’ If I’m talking to someone who works out all the time, I’d tell them to do three sets of 10.”

The fitness tools he swears by

Peterson has worked with every fitness and recovery tool under the sun, and he says his favorite cardio tool is the Inertia Wave. “The Inertia Wave is a tube about 20 feet long. Think battle ropes, but made with really strong elastics,” he says. “They pull you forward and you have to resist that pull. When you move them like ropes, elastically they expand and contract. They’re very dynamic and you can get ridiculous cardio with them. They’re easy to travel with and relatively cheap too,” he says.

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Strength-wise, Peterson is all about adjustable dumbbells.

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And on the recovery side, Peterson loves the Theragun massage gun. “It’s a great tool and quite versatile,” he says.

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How to kick off your exercise routine when you’re new to fitness

If you read this thought, This all sounds great, but I don’t even know what an adjustable dumbbell is, Do not worry. Peterson says if you’re new to working out or haven’t exercised in a while, the best thing to do is get started.

“Don’t overthink it. Just start,” he says. “People say ‘Oh, I’ll start on Monday, or I’ll start after my 30th birthday.’ No, start today. If you talk to me before noon, start today. If you talk to me after 3 p.m., start tomorrow.

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As for What to do, Peterson suggests taking an F45 course as it will be fun and engaging, and there is a trainer there. But if you don’t like group fitness, hit the gym with a workout-loving, patient friend and follow them, but only do about 50% of what they do. “And if you can afford it, hire a coach,” Peterson says. “A lot of people think that just because they have two arms, two legs and a torso, they can train. And you can, but you can also get injured easily.”

The secret fitness trick Peterson wishes everyone knew

Have you ever avoided lifting weights because you didn’t want to “get fat?” According to Gunnar, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about fitness. In fact, lifting weights will only make you tone up and healthier. “The fact that lifting weights will make you fat…that’s not how it works. Eating more calories than you regularly burn is what makes you fatter.”

So go ahead and lift those weights – as long as you keep your diet healthy, you can expect a toned and lean look.

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