Ex-Special Forces Trainer Shares His Training Secrets

Ex-Special Forces Trainer Shares His Training Secrets

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In a recent interview with Business Insider (BI), former Air Force combat controller and US Special Operations Forces (SOF) trainer Mark Lauren, explains his fitness philosophy. He says, “Survival training like you’re in the military could transform your body and keep you fit for life.” I will buy this statement. I have never been in better shape than when I trained every day because my life depended on it.

At 50, Mark assumes the “front leaning rest” (or pushup, for you civilians) position. After that, I think it’s time to get back to training in earnest – screenshot by YouTube and Mark Lauren.

From an interview Mark did with “A dose of adrenaline” he spent eight years on active duty as a combat controller, the last three of which as an instructor helping run SOF selection programs for the Air Force. Its main focus was on design and implement new physical training programs. He still holds the record for the longest underwater swim in the Pararescueman/Combat Controller Indoctrination Course. Lauren swam 133 meters underwater while holding his breath for 2 minutes and 23 seconds until he passed out.

After his active duty, he worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the SOF community until 2012. He now teaches the general public what he has learned from all his experience.

Mark’s idea of ​​hanging out in bars. Screenshot from ashotofadrenaline.net

Lauren explained to BI that the extremely long and arduous training, usually involving heavy loads, often undertaken by SOF candidates did not necessarily provide optimal results. He declares that they are one “inefficient use of energy” and often lead to injury and burnout. Of course, there is a psychological component to carrying heavy loads over long distances. It sucks and it makes you want to quit. That’s what it’s designed for. Only those who refuse to quit and persevere graduate from these courses; even then, it is not a guarantee. But that’s another story for another day.

Since most of us are no longer going to be crushing 80-pound bags on miles of dirt roads, Mark developed a fitness system using only a person’s body weight for resistance. There is no need for weights or any other equipment. It’s pretty smart if you think about it. Not all of us have the time, inclination or money to invest in a home gym. And if you’re on the road a lot, you can always train in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt.

This is a functional exercise. Mark says,

“When you gain muscle through highly functional training, your body displays your self-control, which leads to mastery over your environment, and that’s exactly what we need to survive and reproduce.”

Insert motivational video here

Mark titled this video, “Why are you training? » Images courtesy of YouTube and Mark Lauren

He started out like many of us, as a skinny 13-year-old kid who doesn’t want to be a skinny 13-year-old kid anymore. By exercising in his bedroom, he progressed until he could do 75 non-stop push-ups and 600 sit-ups. Then he pushed himself further, becoming a successful wrestler and bodybuilder. We have already talked about his military career.

Today, he could probably be one of those “star trainers” or something. But he chose not to go that route. Instead, it has a great quote explaining why it does what it does.

“Unlike other fitness writers, I haven’t trained celebrities whose livelihoods depend on their fitness; I train those whose lives do.

Mark Lauren makes a living selling his books and programs online, but I’m not here to sell you anything. It makes no difference to me whether you buy his stuff or not (sorry, Mark). My intention here is to get you thinking and hopefully moving. There’s nothing worse for your health than sitting on your butt all day. Unfortunately, as a writer, that’s a big part of that. We are all guilty of too much chair time.

What is it, you say? “I do not know where to start.” Fair enough; watch this video for his 9-Minute “Lima” Coaching.

The Air Force Combat Controller: Paving the Way for Others

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motivation in real life

I just watched this video, and now I’m excited. I want to look like that again. Being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to look or feel like a tired old man. Being a broken old soldier means I can’t do all that, but I can definitely do enough to get in better shape…and so can you.

A word of warning, I don’t think I’d do my ab exercises (his right leg cracks) in what looks like a parking lot near the freeway. Seems quite dangerous.

As they said in the army: “Stay Alert, Stay Alive!!”

Ready to level up?

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