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Energizing exercises

Good posture has many benefits, including increased energy, improved mood and breathing, reduced risk of injury and headaches, and improved confidence and productivity. These five exercises don’t just train your muscles, they also help realign your fascia. These moves are an abbreviated version of my online programs and can be done daily to transform your posture and the way you move.

Move 1: Ball Roll-Over

How: Start behind your stability ball and squat down with the ball in front of you. Your feet will be turned about 45 degrees and your heels will not touch the ground. Wrap your body around the ball, rest your head on the ball and keep your neck relaxed. Press your lower abs into the ball and roll forward and back to the starting position, repeating several times. Pressing your lower abs into the ball will open your hips and further relax your lower back. From the starting position, you can also perform small lateral movements, initiating the pelvic floor and the lower abdominals.

Move 2: Ball Twist

How: Kneel behind the ball, knees together, and sit your glutes on your heels or as close as possible (you can place a rolled up towel under your glutes or a pad under your knees if necessary). Stretch your arms out and place your hands on the ball slightly wider than shoulder distance apart. Roll the ball to one side, opening the upper armpit toward the ceiling. Your arms should be long and you will use your body to twist to the other side. As you do this in the middle, your torso will be lifted.

Movement 3: Stretch it

How: Lie on the ball with your neck relaxed and your feet apart, facing you. Hold light weights (1-2 pounds is a great starting point) across your chest and push your feet into the floor, which will straighten your legs. As your legs straighten, you straighten your arms at the same time. Reverse this and return to starting position and repeat. Focus on lengthening your entire body in a stretched position.

Movement 4: backstroke

How: Lying on your back (on the ball), keep your head back and your neck relaxed. The feet will be pointing straight ahead and the knees will be over your toes. Hold light weights (1-2 pounds for the most part) and move your arms like backstroke, but instead of bringing your arms from your hips above your head, you bring each arm to the opposite hip and rotate your palm up. . Then continue with a backstroke movement and, while keeping your arms straight, bring the weight up and over the other shoulder, where your biceps end up next to your ear. Swing your arm and bring your arm back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side and keep switching sides. To move forward, you can alternate arms: When one arm is at your side and starts the movement, the other arm is next to your ear to finish.

Move 5: Ball Scorpion

How: Lie on the stability ball on your stomach, with your hips in the middle of the ball. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and keep your neck relaxed throughout the exercise. Keeping your body weight on the ball, extend your foot toward the ceiling, bending your knee so you don’t arch your back. Then push your lower hip to help you twist and twist so that your lifted leg drops toward the floor and rolls to the side. In this position, the knee should point towards the ceiling. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side. Repeat on each side several times.

Courtney Virden is a pelvic floor expert, fitness trainer, writer, and wellness expert. She has created several specialized programs for the core and pelvic floor as well as incredible programs for the abs, shoulders and total body. Her online programs, used by women around the world, are designed to correct pelvic floor dysfunction, repair diastasis recti, and promote better posture and health from the inside out, all from the comfort of home. Courtney also helps families improve their health through better nutrition and removing toxins from the home. For more information, visit her website or follow her on Instagram @courtneyvfitness.

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