Denise Austin, 65, looks so toned as she demonstrates '3 easy exercises to burn fat'

Denise Austin, 65, looks so toned as she demonstrates ‘3 easy exercises to burn fat’

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Denise Austin demonstrates 3 “fat-burning moves”Momodu Mansaray – Getty Images

  • Denise Austin just shared a cardio workout video on Instagram.

  • The 65-year-old revealed “three easy fat-burning moves” without equipment for a simple and effective workout.

  • Austin says these three moves will “get your heart rate up.”

Ask and you will receive: Denise Austin65 years old, just shared another one easy and effective workout video on instagram. She recently posted three easy steps for women over 50 focused on strength training with dumbbells. This time, the fitness icon focuses on cardio and offers “three easy fat-burning moves” to help you stay moving and elevate your heart rate at any age. And she looks so strong doing it!

“If you’re looking for ways to burn fat fast, try these three fat burning moves!!!” Austin captioned her. Publish. “They’ll get your heart rate up, they’re easy to incorporate into any routine and the best part is [you] don’t need equipment or a lot of space to make them!! You have this!!!”

Below, we break down each of Austin’s three fun and fast cardio moves so you can get involved in everything thrilling benefits.


The first move Austin demonstrates is called the “Tik Tok”. To perform this bouncing move, “you lift your legs and arms,” with a little pep in your step. In the video, Austin raises one arm (keeping the other on his hip) while lifting the opposite leg to the side, with a slight jump on his leg on the ground. As she brings her arm back to her hip and her leg to the ground, she repeats on the other side without stopping. “Stretch and tone,” Austin exclaims as he performs this move. “You got it!”


This second movement is his “favorite,” says Austin. To perform the punches, you’ll need to “reach out, get down” and “use your leg muscles.” Like the other two movements, this one is fast and repetitive. Austin begins his demonstration by stepping one leg forward to the side, adopting a wide side lunge position while quickly striking the same arm, extending past the front (bent) leg. Then she steps back to the center to repeat on the other side in one quick motion.

Type behind

The final move “works your legs and your booty,” says Austin. “And, keep your heart rate up!” To perform the tap-behind, Austin begins by standing facing forward. She then moves her upper body slightly to one side while extending her back leg behind her and also extending both arms backwards. She continues the movement by quickly returning to the center and alternating between each side.

Fans also loved his fun and informative video. “I just love you Denise. I love your smile and your positivity. You brighten my day and get me moving. 🙌👏❤️You are awesome,” wrote one fan. year. Thanks Denise 😊 💓,” added another.

We love that Austin came up with their fun version, interesting cardio workout to help everyone stay active and healthy. After all, cardio workouts (like those in Austin) are “so important for overall health, but also for goals like building strength and losing weight,” Kym Nolden, CPT, precision nutrition coach and mobility specialist FRC-certified, already said Prevention. Cardio “refers to any rhythmic physical exercise that increases your heart rate,” Nolden explained, which includes functioning, while walkingdancing, swimmingand more.

We can’t wait to get active, get our heart rate up, and follow Austin’s optimistic view on cardio to reap all the incredible health benefits. And, as always, we’ll be on the lookout for her next video full of exercise tips and tricks.

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