Deputy Steve McManamey is retiring this month after 28 years with the Branch County Sheriff's Office.  He is one of two to retire to change jobs for financial reasons.

Two senior assistants retire for other jobs citing financial problems, health insurance

BRANCH COUNTY — Two veteran Branch County Sheriff’s Deputies will soon be retiring after more than 25 years of service each to take on new jobs.

sergeant. Frank Baker will become Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Bronson on February 1.

Highway Patrol Deputy Steve McManamey retires Nov. 23 after 28 years, becoming the Code Enforcement Officer for Coldwater.

Both men said the move made financial sense. Both cited the high cost of county health insurance as the motivation.

Barker was promoted to sergeant in December 2020. At Bronson, he will replace Deputy Chief Brad McConn who retired to go private.

Barker said his move is “a career opportunity, a chance to move forward. Another way to take the next step.”

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