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NM Organizations Plan Reproductive Health Care Center in Dona Ana County

LAS CRUCES – Four New Mexico organizations have partnered to establish a full-spectrum reproductive health care center in Doña Ana County, which is expected to be fully operational within the next two years.

The University of New Mexico Health and Science Center launched the Reproductive Healthcare Success Project (RHSP) in 2021, through which it investigated the state, looking for a location that would most benefit access to a wide range of reproductive health care. This care would include services such as birth control options, prenatal and postnatal care, lactation support, hormone therapy, infertility treatment, screening for sexually transmitted infections and cancer, miscarriage management , adoption education and resources, basic sex education, and abortion medication and procedural care. .

The idea is to create a center based on the ideals of the surrounding community that is “culturally congruent, gender-affirming, trauma-informed, and ready to serve everyone,” according to a press release.

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