MPD Reports: Male subject pulls emergency brake on mother's car in traffic and exits vehicle;  burglary, theft, fraud and mental health issues

MPD Reports: Male subject pulls emergency brake on mother’s car in traffic and exits vehicle; burglary, theft, fraud and mental health issues

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period October 27 to November 3, 2022. Due to its length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note that an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental Patient – Alcovy Street – In reference to the on-site subject having a mental episode. GCAL was told by her mother, and she said she would be expecting them.
  • Brawl – Two students fight in the dining hall, one student issued a citation for disorderly conduct and a minor complaint
  • Mental subject – Hwy 138 & W. Spring St. In reference to a subject pulling on his mother’s emergency brake and getting out of the car into traffic. He was taken to Piedmont Walton for a mental evaluation instead of charges.
  • Burglary Report – S. Hubbard St. In reference to a female subject stating that someone entered her house through the back window. No missing items at this time. File sent to CID for further investigation.
  • Dispute – Maple Lane – In reference to the complainant not wanting her neighbor to live on her property. Remedies were advised.
  • Robbery Report – Carver Place In reference to a subject having a package that was supposed to be delivered to her home but was delivered to her neighbors and believed that they were the ones who took it. The neighbors state that they were both at Walmart during this time and did not have it. Report taken – delivered to CID.
  • Robbery Report – E Marable & N Broad St. Subject said a woman took money from her wallet and tore up her birth certificate, a report has been made. Subject has been arrested for an outstanding warrant.
  • Fraud – Southside Mobile Home Park – In reference to mail being mislabeled and sent to the wrong address. Suggested remedies. Everything is fine.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Wheelhouse LN – In reference to a female subject stating that a tow truck recovered her non-working car from the driveway. She said all the driver said was that he was dispatched by the code enforcement. The woman said she would call code enforcement in the morning to confirm she had the car and if not, she could call MPD back to make a stolen vehicle report.
  • Welfare Check) 1043 Wheel House LN- In reference to a female subject asking how she can keep her husband, who does not live at her residence, off the property. He was advised to call MPD if he comes onto the property, and he could be a victim of criminal trespass.
  • Runaway Juvenile – Stonecreek Bend – In reference to a missing 11-year-old autistic man. The minor returned to the residence before officers arrived on the scene. Everything is fine.
  • Property Damage – In reference to a woman reporting that her passenger side vehicle door was dented at Tractor Supply last night (10-31-22), she was given a personal accident form to complete and return to his insurance.
  • Dispute – Sorrells St – In reference to a verbal dispute between the complainant and her daughter. Suggested remedies.
  • Suspicious Person – E Church St – In reference to two male subjects at the scene after the two had illegally entered the store. Both subjects were arrested and taken to jail without incident.
  • Suicide attempt – Chestnut LN – In reference to a female subject taking an unknown amount of prescription pills. EMS on site said the number of pills she said she took would not cause harm.
  • The Piedmont Walton doctor was contacted and advised that he would not be removing the woman from the call on 10-13 due to the circumstances described.
  • Domestic Conflict – Fawnfield Dr – In reference to a female subject and her father getting into an altercation. The father had marks on his neck because his daughter had grabbed him by the throat. She was placed under arrest for FV battery and 3rd degree child cruelty.
  • Traffic Stop – Highway 138 and Vinies Road – Male subject was arrested for an equipment violation. He was arrested for driving without a license. Transported to WC prison without incident.
  • Property Found – Truist Bank – Referring to a debit card found at the ATM. The card was returned to the owner at his home.

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