5 Trampoline Exercises to Build Back Muscle Mass, According to an Expert

5 Trampoline Exercises to Build Back Muscle Mass, According to an Expert

If you’re looking for a fun way to speed up your fitness routine and strengthen your back, legs, and butt, consider a trampoline workout. The benefits you will get from bouncing on a mini trampoline, i.e. rebounding, are enormous. (Plus, some of your favorite celebrities like Eva Longoria and Goldie Hawn are fans of this productive fitness trend.) We spoke with Aly Giampoloco-founder and ness rebound instructor (CPT certified), who brings us five trampoline exercises to build muscle mass in the back.

Working out with a mini trampoline is an exceptional choice to add to your workout routine as you get older because it improves your balance. Falling is a huge risk for aging adults, says Giampolo, because balance, coordination and stability are usually some of the first skills to decline. As you age, you also lose lean muscle mass, according to Harvard Health Publishingit is therefore necessary to do everything in your power to rebuild and maintain it.

What are the benefits of training on a trampoline?

woman performing trampoline exercises to rebuild muscle mass

A trampoline provides a soft and somewhat uneven surface on which to practice. You can develop your skills in a comfortable environment and improve daily functionality. Giampolo explains, “On a broader spectrum, the mini trampoline is an incredibly effective low-impact tool, allowing you to get a high-intensity workout without putting extra strain on your joints. In just 10 minutes on a mini trampoline, you exert the same amount of energy and build the same amount of cardiovascular endurance as you would in 30 minutes of running, making it a more efficient and effective form of high-intensity cardio.”

Giampolo also notes several additional fallout from training on a mini trampoline. They include longevity, bone density, lymphatic drainage, pelvic floor strength and improved circulation. Let’s not forget what’s probably the biggest benefit: the sheer pleasure you’ll feel in your updated fitness routine!

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What are the best trampoline exercises for building back muscle mass?

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Alright, we know you’re more than thrilled with the anticipation and ready to literally jump up and down. Assuming you’ve already set up your own mini trampoline at home, check out these exercises to build back muscle and bounce!


The first is the Bounce Down. This move is an easy yet productive movement that activates your hamstrings, glutes, and transverse abdominal muscles to stabilize your entire body while giving you a nice little cardiovascular boost.

You will begin this exercise in a squat with bent knees and a gentle bend at the hips. In one continuous motion, drive both heels into the trampoline, using your core to lift both knees toward your chest, while ensuring your body stays low.


Next on deck is the Twist. Giampolo explains, “Twists activate both your internal and external obliques, creating opposition through the torso and increasing spinal rotation.”

You will begin this exercise in the same position as in the Bounce Down with your feet just a little outside of hip distance. Using your obliques, turn your lower body to one side, while keeping your shoulders square toward the space in front of you. Swing your opposite arm forward as if bowling. When your feet land on the trampoline facing the side, perform the action in reverse, returning your lower body to the starting position.

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The back and the front

“Front Back targets the core by challenging you to bring your knees up so your feet can clear the trampoline,” Giampolo tells us.

In order to perform the Front Back, you will start again in the Bounce Down position. Rather than keeping both feet under you, you will jump forwards and then backwards on the trampoline. Swing your arms in conjunction with your moving legs. While lifting both knees to move forward, dig through your abdominal muscles to straighten your tailbone.


Giampolo points out, “Scissor switches focus on the abs, inner thighs, and glutes, challenging these muscle groups to keep the legs closer together and center the body evenly between both feet.”

To sit down, adopt a narrow position. Spread your legs to move one foot in front of you and one foot behind you, putting equal weight on each foot. Continue to alternate which foot is in front, moving the opposite arm with the opposite foot.

knee workout

Last but not least, it’s time for the Knee Drive. Giampolo explains that this exercise is “the ideal gateway to more challenging single-leg movements, creating a deep connection to maintain balance on one leg for an extended period of time.”

Start with both feet directly below your hips. Next, bring one knee directly to the center of your heart, squeezing the supportive glute for balance, and push your heel into the trampoline. Lower your lifted leg into the trampoline, putting equal weight between both feet. Repeat this movement several times on one side before switching to the other.

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