Green tea vs protein shake: what's better to drink before and after a workout?

Green tea vs protein shake: what’s better to drink before and after a workout?

Green tea and protein shake is considered one of the most famous and effective drinks for weight loss. In fact, they can boost energy levels, keeping you active throughout the day. Therefore, many fitness enthusiasts drink them before or after their workout routine. Although the benefits of green tea and protein shakes are well known, is one better than another for weight loss? Let’s find out!

Health Shots spoke to Dr. Swathi Reddy (PT), Consultant Physiotherapist and Certified Dietary Adviser, and MIAP, Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru, to find out the benefits of these two drinks and their pros and cons for weight loss.

Dr. Reddy says, “You need to drink something after training to get the energy you need and also to hydrate. Many fitness enthusiasts opt for protein shakes after their intense workouts, but there may be other options to choose from. One such option that has emerged is green tea. It is a drink known for its health benefits and high antioxidant content. But what’s better, a protein shake or green tea? Let’s find out!

Here are the benefits of green tea:

There’s a reason why green tea has become one of the most favorite beverages and why fitness enthusiasts never fail to fall in love. It is low in calories, rich in antioxidants and helps in weight loss. Here’s how it will help fitness enthusiasts:

1. Boosts Metabolism: Green tea will boost your metabolism which will further help you burn more calories. It also contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps prevent disease.

benefits of green tea
Green tea is an immunity boosting drink! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Regulates heart rate: Your heart rate increases when you exercise. Green tea is known to have a relaxing effect on your body and drinking it will also help you slow down your heart rate.

3. Antioxidants: This drink is rich in antioxidants and will also help you deal with muscle pain and fatigue.

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4. Improve energy levels: Exercise can make you lose energy, but drinking green tea can keep you going throughout the day.

5. Low Calorie: Fitness conscious people are aware of their eating habits. They can opt for green tea as it is a sugar-free drink.

Benefits of protein shakes:

We are probably aware of the popularity of protein shakes. These are easy to make, and hence, fitness junkies love carrying them around. Here’s how they benefit your body if consumed post-workout:

1. Muscle growth: Protein is an essential element that our body needs to grow. Protein shakes are a good option to control your protein levels.

benefits of green tea
The protein shake can help with muscle growth and energy. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Post-workout recovery: One of the common reasons protein is consumed post-workout is to relieve and speed up muscle recovery.

3. Boost Your Metabolism: They give your body the fuel it needs to build and repair muscle. At the same time, they help burn fat faster.

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4. Added Nutrients: Protein shakes provide your body with extra nutrition that your diet might lack.

5. Practice: Other sources of protein may require effort, such as roasting chicken or preparing lentils. But when you don’t have time for all that, protein shakes really can be a lifesaver.

Which to choose for weight loss: green tea or protein shake?

Both of these beverages can support a healthy metabolism and reduce your appetite. They can also help you lose body fat without losing muscle. Therefore, both are incredibly healthy!

benefits of green tea
Drink green tea and boost weight loss. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr. Reddy says, “Which one you choose depends on what type of workout you do in the gym. In the case of intense workouts, heavy workouts or weightlifting, protein shakes are good. If you’re at the gym for a workout like treadmill or cycling for a shorter duration, green tea might be good to go!

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